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The Abduction of Patient Zero

written by Owen Parr

The sixth book in the mystery series featuring NYC private eye Joey Mancuso who finds himself neck-deep in a maze of a murder mystery - the kind that weaves through military secrets and international espionage - at the center of which is the woman he loves. 

The Unsub

written by Owen Parr

The seventh hard boiled tale featuring New York-based private eye Joey Mancuso as he travels to the lush, verdant shores of Miami Beach. But this is no vacation—Joey’s wading knee deep into a gritty cesspool of corruption and financial conspiracy.

Bully Trap

written by T.J. McBee

There were two certainties for the residents of Bilurn. One, that Mitch Stone was the biggest, baddest bully that’s ever graced the halls of any middle school...ever. And two, that the Cleveland House was as haunted a house as you’ll find. 

Jack Ryder Murder Mysteries

written by Owen Parr

Jack Ryder is one of a kind. Living aboard a 54 foot yacht with his beagle Max at the Miami Beach Marina, Jack is about to become a consultant to the Miami Beach Police, but not by choice.

Square Foot Gardening

written by Karl Gritton

Master the Art of Vegetable Growing in a Small Space in this short but informative audio book.

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